Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association  (EECCA)

EECCA is an independent association representing businesses that create and trade in energy efficiency certificates in the four state and territory energy efficiency schemes.

The Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association (EECCA) has been established to represent and self-regulate the activities of businesses creating and trading energy efficiency certificates. These activities underpin the Victorian, NSW, SA and ACT Energy Efficiency Schemes which facilitate the installation of energy efficient products and services to households and businesses.

EECCA works closely with Governments and Regulators to not only improve the processes and rules of the schemes but to also monitor and improve compliance by registered agents.   EECCA will also work with both state and commonwealth members of Parliament on issues affecting the industry and the implementation of energy efficiency activities more generally.

Energy Efficiency schemes are accessible to more than 15 million Australians (66 per cent of our population) and 59 per cent of electricity consumption. These schemes address market barriers to energy efficiency and have been successful in reducing energy demand and reducing customer bills.

EECCA is a strong, public advocate for energy efficiency and the important role that market based schemes can play in addressing market barriers, empowering customers and delivering cost-effective greenhouse gas emission reductions.  EECCA will also address some of the misinformation around the cost and effectiveness of these schemes and energy efficiency in general.

There are approximately 150 active accredited creators of certificates employing many of the 3000+ people. An estimated 350 businesses work within the schemes delivering the products and services that have contributed to the reduction in energy consumption and assisting customers manage rising costs.

The EECCA believes that it is imperative that the state schemes be expanded and extended and will work with government and regulators to harmonise these schemes.

More information Refer to attached Fact Sheet on Energy Efficiency Schemes currently operating in Australia

For further information, please contact: Bruce Easton, President on 0417 568 918 or Ric Brazzale, Board Member on 0419 522 659